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It seems extremely hard after all the holidays (namely Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years) to get back in to the swing of writing more on my NaNoWriMo 2009 story. I’m feeling a little bit lost in this world I’ve created over the past couple of months, and I’m finding I have more questions than answers. This is very discouraging. The holidays may be over, but life is still happening all around me and I’m trying my best to cope with it all and still have time for myself and my story. I’ve invested a lot of time into this project and don’t intend to quit.  I just hope my muse gets back from his extended vacation soon or who knows what’s liable to happen?


Well, after being sick yet again (a nasty stomach virus this time), and Christmas nearly over, I think it’s time I got on my duff and let the creative juices begin to flow again.  And since I’m going to resume my novel-writing efforts in January after all the chaos of the holiday season is over, I figure creating my first blog post will do just fine.

I have one more Christmas event to attend on my Dad’s side of the family before my Christmas celebrations are ended, so I’m about to try and catch up on watching all my favorite Christmas films: The many versions of “A Christmas Carol”, animated Christmas movies and shows (“Garfield’s Christmas Special” and “A Claymation Christmas” are my two favorites), and the ever popular Grinch movie with Jim Carrey, just to name a few.

These shows all inspire me to write better because not only do they all have great story lines — take Charles Dickens for instance; can’t go wrong with him — but they all have stories that seem almost effortless in terms of how well they’re put together and how it seems as if it were nothing for the author to just flick his/her wrist and write the perfect tale.  These are the truly great stories.  They are the ones that make you forget you’re even watching/reading a story at all.  Reality seamlessly blends with fiction in that you don’t even notice you’re leaving your world for a few precious moments’ stay in a new one.

I can only hope that will be said of my writing.

Hard work, perseverance, intense will, and the determination to succeed is what it will take.  I think I’m ready.  I hope so, anyway.  Winning NaNoWriMo 2009 is definitely a confidence booster, I can vouch for that.  But that’s done and over now, and all I’m left with is me, my characters, and the story itself — their story.  When I consider this, I have to say I’m not in such bad company.